Our Team

We share the same passion: giving our clients more than they expect. We handle more information; we do more research; we even argue more to analyze our ideas. We also laugh more, and this is one of the main strengths of our team.


As people grow, they tend to become more serious. For our team, the process has been the other way around: Over the years, we have learned that the key to doing serious work is to have people who are not afraid of laughing at themselves, making changes and breaking paradigms, questioning to get clarity, and playing. People who are capable of putting prejudice aside and seeing things from different points of view; people who prefer to debate issues rather than to just talk.

People who love what they do and influence those around them with their desire to do things right. People who are excited about going to work. People who know that a meaningful life means doing something fulfilling and having others to share it with.

These are the kind of people who make up our team.