Economic Consulting

Our specialised advisory services in corporate affairs aim to deliver results. We design strategies. We facilitates processes. We negotiate. We conciliate. We listen. We act.


One of our major strength is to use the interdisciplinary approach in our professional practice. We have a team of economists and lawyers. We are specialist in the economic analysis of law. We know and we apply the economic theory. We face and give solutions to economic, regulatory or legal problem with a wide and interdisciplinary perspective.

We have provided economic and legal advice to our clients in different subjects. For example in regulation matters stand out: assessing the project for obligatory merger control in Perú; estimation of fines in anticompetitive conducts; advice in process of regulatory tariff for firms belonging to transport of hydrocarbon and natural gas sector; among others.

In relation to judicial, arbitral and administrative proceeding, we have provided advice to economic interpretation of concession contract of transport infrastructure; estimation of damage and compensations in contractual controversy; assessing distortions in the Hydrocarbon Market in Perú; among others.

We also provide advice to different national and international bodies about institutional reforms matters such as: advice to reform the Electricity Concession Act to promote investment in Perú; preparation of guidelines for the implementation of Antitrust Law in Ecuador; assessing the reform in the Water and Sanitary Sector in Perú; among others.

Additionally, our economists have wide experience in the elaboration of economic reports in different subjects related whit microeconomics; industrial organization and regulation. For example: economic reports about evidence of collusion in the Pharmaceutical Market in Chile; analysis of the relevant market in the Compressors Industry and evaluation of automatic renewal clauses; among others.