Our Values

Our goal is to earn the trust of each of our clients, not just win a case. Trust is built only through daily relationships and hard work, plus an ample dose of humor. Because when we have a good time, the outcome of each project is much better.


These are the values that support each of our actions and decisions, and that help us earn clients’ trust.

We wake up excited about going to work. We like what we do and how we do it. We like sharing it with our partners, clients, associates and friends. We like to inspire others to do the same.

We treat our clients’ objectives as ours. Our style is to work with them, not only for them. We accompany them through every stage of the process, providing them with the guidance and information necessary to help them make the best decisions.

We see things from diverse points of view. We believe that we find better solutions and new routes to successful outcomes if we perform our daily work keeping an open, informal and creative mind. That happens when you enjoy each stage of the process.

Each case represents a challenge to accomplish an objective. Our goal is to achieve success as efficiently as possible at both human and economic levels.

We are honest in our actions and words. Our legal strategy will always be consistent with our clients’ objectives and with our ethics and the legal norms. No bribes. We do not exaggerate the possibility for a successful outcome; we work with the truth. We do not speak more than we should; we act.