About Us

When we decided to set up a law firm in 2000, we shared a simple vision: create a firm where we could do what we enjoy the most.


We knew we had to break paradigms on how we practice our profession to develop our own legal and economic consulting model. The model is based not only on accomplishing objectives but on making each stage of the process important. And we have succeeded.

We started by teaching. We wanted to combine our professional practice with academic activity, such as teaching. We were convinced that we can arrive at better solutions when facing legal or economic issues if we complement practice with theory. And it worked.

We focused on people. We have a horizontal and informal workplace where “having a good time” and working effectively are synonyms. And it also worked. We have confirmed the positive effects of having a motivated and united team.

We choose to work with dedication and integrity. We are transparent, honest and horizontal. No bribes.

We rely on diversity. We have a cross-functional team made up of talented people who provide us with new and different points of view.

We analyze every detail. We specialize in economic regulation in areas such as energy and transportation, telecommunications and free competition. We have a team specialized in arbitral and administrative litigation, capable of designing strategies that meet the needs of each client. We have developed our own know-how on the economic analysis of law. We have a good eye. We see what others do not.

We act. We do research. We go deeper. We discuss. We learn. We write. We teach. We love. We publish. We specialize. We travel. We grow. We create. And we want to do much more.